40 ways President Trump is Making America Great Again!

In January 20, 2017 Trump was inaugurated into office.

Here are 40 things that Trump has done since then that you might not have heard about from the mainstream media due to their corruption.

  1. On April 18, 2017 he signed a “Buy American” executive order. This order (a) provides tax cuts that stimulate investment in American made products, (b) allows deregulation that makes U.S. manufacturers more globally competitive and (c) promotes tough trade actions that level the playing field for American products. More…
  2. In July 2017, Trump signed an executive order directing the secretary of defense to assess what must be done to strengthen our manufacturing and defense industrial base. He understands that we must never become dependent on foreign nations to design, produce and maintain the aircraft, ground combat vehicles, ships, munitions, components of our nuclear arsenal, and space capabilities that are critically important to our nation’s defense. More…
  3. On December 20, 2017 he introduced tax cuts that had a profound effect on our economy in just 2 years. He has repeatedly set his intention to continue this trend by cutting taxes even more in 2020 due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. More…
  4. On January 1, 2020 he signed legislation to enhance our child welfare systems by supporting at-risk families through mental health and substance abuse treatment and programs to develop parenting skills.
  5. On January 31, 2020 he signed an Executive Order to coordinate the Federal Government’s efforts to prevent human trafficking, prosecute individuals who sexually exploit children online, protect and support victims of child exploitation, and provide prevention education to raise awareness and help lower the incidence of child exploitation. More…
  6. On February 2, 2020 Trump closed down the borders from China. (Resource 1) (Resource 2.)
  7. During the initial Coronavirus outbreak he allowed state governors to decide if they wanted to lock down.
  8. He made vaccines voluntary not mandatory.
  9. He moved vaccine equipment manufacturing and production into the United States which increased American jobs and ensured vaccine safety.
  10. Based on the recommendations from the WHO he produced thousands of US manufactured ventilators for hospitals and even donated them to countries in need.
  11. He brought in and supported the use of Coronavirus test kits which helped us to ensure that the virus was very widespread with an extremely low death rate. The United States is now the leading country in widespread testing. As a result, reported cases are going up and the actual fatality rate has gone down to less than .1%.
  12. He supported international research to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Hydroxochloroquin as preventative treatment and potential cure for Covid 19. More…
  13. He defunded the WHO because they were so corrupt and ordered an investigation into its operations. They still refuse to report their spending and share their books with the public.
  14. He cancelled the Democrats’ HR-6666 bill, known as the Covid19 Trace Act that was the basis for Bill Gate’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.
  15. He investigated and cancelled Bill Gates’ project known as ID 2020
  16. Once Covid19 was proven to be 99% less deadly than the original projections. He urged state governors reopen and end the lock down.
  17. He signed an executive order for the White House to take over all electrical grids: which include internet servers, broadcasting systems and electrical systems – after acquiring national intelligence that these parties were planning to cause a blackout.
  18. Declared places of worship “essential services” thereby blocking some mayors for fining people for going to church and/or limiting the number of people who wanted to attend.
  19. He pointed out the fact that Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that is very widely used around the world as a useful treatment AND a preventative medication for Covid19 and he even went so far as to take it himself to show the public it was safe.
  20. He is renegotiating FAIR and prosperous trade deals with Canada, Japan, India, Russia and China (just to name a few).
  21. He brought back pharmaceutical manufacturing to the US. This includes medical supplies and essential medicines.
  22. He is in the process of bringing all manufacturing back to America. Not only does this bring in new jobs, trade opportunities and financial security for America but it also saves us approximately $700 billion in federal financial assistance to questionable non-American recipient organizations.
  23. He was proven innocent for a FAKE Russian “collusion” scandal and has been beaten down, made fun of, lied about, and abused by the corrupt mainstream media – which is now owned by the Democratic Party. (Resource 1) (Resource 2)
  24. On March 15, 2020 he announced that they lowered the Federal Reserve interest rate from 1 – 1.25 to 0 – 0.25 and purchased $5 billion of US treasuries and $200 billion in mortgage backed securities. Lowering the Federal Reserve’s interest rates creates a positive ripple effect and lowers interest rates on all loans distributed to small and medium sized businesses in the United States. (Resource 1) (Resource 2)
  25. On March 31, 2020 – He proclaimed the month of March as the new “National Child Abuse Prevention Month” in order to build awareness for and prevent child abuse in the future. More…
  26. On May 19, 2020 he funded the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program with $16 billion in direct payments to deliver relief to America’s farmers and ranchers impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. This came a few weeks after the Chinese Communist Party (who currently controls our entire food chain in the US) required farmers to euthanize all their chicken, pork and beef, pour out all their milk and destroy their crops. Without this program we would have started seeing food shortages in our supermarkets. (Resource 1) (Resource 2 – minute 2:00)
  27. On May 28, 2020 he signed an executive order preventing online censorship by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. (Resource 1) (Resource 2)
  28. On May 30, 2020 his administration exposed Antifa and declared them as a terrorist organization who are looting our streets, causing riots, burning buildings and attacking innocent citizens and business owners. More…
  29. He declared that he was going assist the restaurant and travel industries after the devastating effects of lockdowns in response to the CoronaVirus.
  30. He blocked the Green New Deal which was a sinister plan by the elite backed by lies about Global Warming. Then he started programs to clean up our air and water.
  31. On June 5, 2020 he offered to send in the National Guard to defend any city under fire by Antifa and to protect innocent civilians and city landmarks. All the governors and city mayors needed to do was ask for help but instead many of them defunded their own police departments leaving their citizens and their businesses in danger. (Resource 1) (Resource 2)
  32. June 8, 2020 Trump signed a proclamation to reverse an executive order made by President Obama that closed 5,000 square miles of ocean off the coast of Maine which crippled the Northeastern American fishing industry costing them millions of dollars in lost revenues. More…
  33. June 10, 2020 he made it very clear that he would not allow select governors and mayors to defund police departments, especially in cities and regions that were getting looted by Antifa operatives. He also disclosed their malicious intention to replace our existing law enforcement offices with “bad actors” (aka Antifa operatives) which would ultimately put the public at even more risk. More…
  34. June 16th, 2020 he signed an Executive order to improve the credibility, effectiveness and the safety of our law enforcement officers and agencies. This ensures that Antifa members to NOT take over our police force and ensures the protection of its law abiding citizens. More…
  35. Trump signed an executive order this year that forces all healthcare providers to disclose the cost of their services so that Americans can comparison shop and know how much less providers charge insurance companies. When signing that bill he said no American should be blindsided by bills for medical services they never agreed to in advance.
  36. Hospitals will now be required to post their standard charges for services, which include the discounted price a hospital is willing to accept.
  37. Trump signed an order allowing small businesses to group together when buying insurance to get a better price.
  38. In the eight years prior to President Trump’s inauguration, prescription drug prices increased by an average of 3.6% per year. Under Trump, drug prices have seen year-over-year declines in nine of the last ten months, with a 1.1% drop as of the most recent month.
  39. He created over 6,690,000 new jobs for American patriots of all colors from 2017 – 2020. More…
  40. Trump is the first President in the past 20 years who is not controlled by the Deep State and that’s why CNN and MSNBC and many other media outlets won’t tell you any of this information.
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