A New Hope

From Dark to Light…

President Trump

President Trump has done more for the United States of America in his first term than any other president since Ronald Regan and JFK. He has taken direct action against the Deep State and their crimes against humanity.

He knew their playbook before they attacked and has deployed counter measures at every turn. This president loves his country and he is a true patriot.

No matter what the fake media says about him, his actions speak louder than words and false accusations. All eyes are on America and rest assured – Trump IS draining the swamp.

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A New King of England

Joseph Gregory Hallett has been officially crowned as the new, rightful King of England.

We have confirmed and reviewed the documentation and we believe this information to be true and accurate but as always do your own research.

We do not proclaim to be experts but rather we just want to deliver the information that is available on the internet and through our social channels.

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Your Constitutional Rights

The Magna Carta which was drafted and signed in 1215 is considered the “Great Charter” because it established a Common Law that was adopted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of 52 sovereign nations throughout the world.

This Common Law stated that the government shall not have the right to pass laws without the express written consent of its people. If a law is passed without the consent of the people it is considered an act of treason.

This law has been broken by leaders in countless countries over the past several years and the people are finally ready to protest and demand that their sovereign rights be restored.

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Arrests & Legal Actions

Hundreds of arrests for child trafficking, pedophelia, and other crimes against humanity have taken place since early 2017 afterTrump first took office. These arrests can be verified on www.ice.gov.

One of the more notable arrests are that of Jeffrey Epstein and his confidante Ghislaine Maxwell who were both accused of unspeakable crimes against minors.

We have also heard rumors of high profile arrests and rescue missions that have been taking place since the Coronavirus lock down began. Once again, please do your own research to validate this information. Many people are reluctant to believe it until they see it.

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“The best time to act was decades ago. The second best time is now.”

David Brin