And We Know

And We Know is a FANTASTIC news source that is created by a proud x-marine who believes in GOD and our glorious country. He is honorable, positive, honest uplifting and he brings us news from the Q in the midst of darkness.

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There has been a constant focus on prayer for our POTUS. For many years we were under this dark cloud of depression and it appeared that there was no way out. All roads pointed to the USA with no hope or future. Then, out of nowhere, we had someone who could defeat the enemy of our Nation. One of the first things that made me feel that we could be restored was when our FLOTUS delivered her prayer in the hangar in Florida. I was stunned. I was filled with tears.

This video showcases some of those prayers and shows what our focus should be on…prayer. Q said “Prey, Pray” There is a spiritual battle going on. God wants me to start providing positive content to remind us all that this will work for Good.

And We Know was created as a reminder that through this life we know that ALL things work together for good. In Romans 8:28 we are told “AND WE KNOW”