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Our hearts are so broken for these poor children to have suffered at the hands of these evil people. We pray to God that this stops now and these evil people are dealt with swiftly. Let there be Peace on Earth.

President Trump is trying to abolish Human Trafficking and AC all together and that is why the media is trying so hard to impeach him. He must stay president in order to finish what he has started. He is the only one who has taken such a firm stance against Child Trafficking in decades. During the time of his presidency there have been 25 attempts on his life.

Millions of Children Go Missing each Year

Robert David Steele served in the USMCR Infantry and the CIA. He also served three back-to-back tours with five times the regional average in recruitments; three HQS tours in counterintelligence, advanced information technology, and satellite futures. From 1988-1993 he worked at the USMC Civil Service , #2 civilian in USMC Intelligence and was responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. Today he serves as the CEO and Study Director for the Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World.

In this short video Robert explains the human trafficking problem in the world today. This clip also includes a speech from President Trump outlining his stance on Human Trafficking and foreign relations.

Turkish National Television – Adrenochrome

The word is spreading globally. This is a national Turkish television broadcast – maybe one of the only media companies not controlled by the Deep State.

These globalists are the reason for ALL WARS. We don’t need to kill each other anymore, we just need to root out these horrible people and set up incredibly strict laws and punishments for child abuse, pedophilia, AC and child trafficking GLOBALLY.

This HAS TO STOP. The people are AWAKE.

Exposing Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting and Adrenochrome

Robert Steele Former CIA officer Expose Adrenochrome users.. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at an inaugural seating in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018. CIA operative, Robert David Steele, with impeccable credentials, openly states the elites are torturing children and drinking their adrenalized blood. Some families are breeding children for the purpose of abuse. Listen carefully; Conspiracy no more! Wake up America! They torture children & drink their adrenalized blood.

You will Never Watch Another Movie or Music Video the Same Again

Viewer discretion is advised. There are many images in this video that are not suited for children.

This movie clip exposes several music videos, interviews with celebrities, and conversations where they jokingly talk about eating children. There are many references to cannibalism and there are symbols of the Illuminati everywhere.

This is very disturbing. It’s only recommended for those who are ready to see just how brainwashed we have all been for decades.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Witchcraft and Spirit Cooking

The satanic Illuminati new world order agenda is hidden in plain sight. They ritually murder people, drink their blood and eat them. It is important to wake up and realize that just because it is in Hollywood, on music videos and promoted in movies – this does not make it OK. This is not art, this is cold blooded murder.

This video dives deeper into what they do in their rituals and who is involved.

8,000,000 children go missing every year worldwide and political leaders and news stations all across the globe are not only allowing this to happen, they are covering up for it.