Patriot Streetfighter – Scott McKay

Scott McKay is a very well spoken and well researched patriot who follows the Q movement and is very familiar with politics and the take down of the global cabal.

He gives a daily podcast but this video (below) was one of his most popular and succinct explanation of what has transpired since the assassination of JFK Sr on that fateful day in Dallas Texas. This is a spiritual ascension.

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Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel is the host of SteelTruth™. She formerly was with YourVoice America. Now, she has partnered with Producer Liz and together with their 30-year broadcast careers they have created the best online broadcast-style primetime show to bring you the latest news and highlights from around the globe.

SteelTruth™ thoroughly vets our sources, provides evidence, and reports only the facts, wherever those facts may lead. 

Michael Jaco

Combat Veteran Navy SEAL with 24 years of experience with several SEAL Teams including SEAL Team-6. Master Training specialist designing many courses including the SEAL Team’s first Hand to Hand Fighting Course. CIA security officer with 11 years in Combat Zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya.

Michael has a full range of online courses on developing intuition.

“Developing and utilizing intuition over my 35 year career was the greatest achievement I experienced and now I share these life changing experiences and share how anyone can tap into these abilities with a broad range of courses. “

These courses include Unleashing Intuition Secrets, Intuitive Physique, Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing, Remote Healing, Past Life Discovery, several books on developing intuition and much more.

Somehow, by the grace of God Michael still has a YouTube channel.


Lin Wood and Thrive Time Radio

Lin Wood is an incredibly brave patriot who has been on the forefront of America fighting to expose the deep state and the voter fraud that took place on November 3, 2020. This is a series of interviews he did with Thrive Time Radio where Lin explains the deep state, their tactics and the reason America is under attack. We have it all. Nothing will stop what is coming.

This is a revolutionary war and Lin Wood is one man in this fight who will go down in history as one of the most intelligent, brave, and anointed men of his time.

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Dr. Charlie Ward

Charlie is an amazing global patriot, born and raised in Ipswich England. He has several connections with the banking industry and the rollout of the new Quantum financial system. Charlie is incredibly positive and uplifting. He has insider information of the movement and we have come to highly respect him as a leader in this great awakening.

Check out his interviews on his website or sign up for his insider club for more information.

Santa Surfing – Beach Broadcast

Santa has been following the Q movement since the very beginning.

She is extremely positive and well versed on today’s events, she is an amazing researcher and she has several connections with Qanon decoders. As a matter of fact, she often shares intel from her Angel Anon who has direct access to information about Gesara/Nesara.

If you ever feel down and out, turn to Santa and surf your way through the great awakening with ease – this truly is the greatest time in human history!

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And you can also find her work on her website:


Psychic Utsava is worldwide famous for highly accurate future predictions and prophecies. She has predicted the earthquake and Volcanic eruption in 2018 on the West coast in the USA, Trump victory, many world events and even terrorist attacks. Learn what will happen in 2019-You will be amazed!

Right again: Final stage of arrests, Corona Virus – Bill Gates, Queen, Hollywood, Bitcoin and more!

Psychic Utsava’s 2019 predictions-Revolution-Reset-Tribunals-Economic crash

February 16, 2020 – INTEL-Vaccines

x22 Reports

This is by far one of the BEST news stations out there delivering information as this war unfolds against the Deep State. We recommend this station for people are are interested in the geopolitical and financial impacts and who are looking for a very up-beat recap on current events.

Dave is extremely knowledgeable about the financial banking system, Trump’s strategies and he is very good at decoding Q drops. He understands the game and we can clearly see that Trump and the patriots are dominating.

The Deep State is exposing themselves and everything is coming to the surface. The silent majority is awake. We can see the treasonous shadow government for what it is and we won’t stand for it anymore.

Share this station with everyone you know.

David also does an x22 Spotlight series where he interviews global thought leaders, whistle blowers and financial experts. These are generally available on his home page.

X22 Report Spotlight cuts through propaganda of the corporate media and gets right into the real issues. By interviewing experts in financial, government, geopolitical situations it will paint the full picture of what is really going on in the world.

This X22 Report has been put together to benefit “The People”. When I say “The People” I am talking about everyone in the world. We as a people want freedom, we want to make a living to support our family. The founding fathers of America wanted this and We The People today want it. Join Dave and many others to fight what is rightfully ours.

And We Know

And We Know is a FANTASTIC news source that is created by a proud x-marine who believes in GOD and our glorious country. He is honorable, positive, honest uplifting and he brings us news from the Q in the midst of darkness.

You can find LT on Rumble:

There has been a constant focus on prayer for our POTUS. For many years we were under this dark cloud of depression and it appeared that there was no way out. All roads pointed to the USA with no hope or future. Then, out of nowhere, we had someone who could defeat the enemy of our Nation. One of the first things that made me feel that we could be restored was when our FLOTUS delivered her prayer in the hangar in Florida. I was stunned. I was filled with tears.

This video showcases some of those prayers and shows what our focus should be on…prayer. Q said “Prey, Pray” There is a spiritual battle going on. God wants me to start providing positive content to remind us all that this will work for Good.

And We Know was created as a reminder that through this life we know that ALL things work together for good. In Romans 8:28 we are told “AND WE KNOW”