A Child’s Voice

MUST LISTEN message from my friend John Paul Rice

You may remember him from the film “Remember The Titans”. He then went on to make several wonderfully written, directed and produced independent films – He was well embedded in Hollywood and he knows their game.

Amazon has unpublished his film, A CHILD’S VOICE in the US, UK and 70+ countries worldwide.

NO explanation. No notice. This film deals with the subject of human trafficking and child satanic abuse.

As mentioned here, listen to Anneke Lucas tell her story about how she was raped and tortured by elite wealthy aristocrats and politicians in a pedophile ring in Belgium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jrLFzGb2tM

Listen to the audio version of Alice Miller’s book John cites, “The Drama of the Gifted Child.”

You can still see the film on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/ondemand/achildsvoice

To learn more about his production company and their films visit https://www.norestrictionsent.com/
#SaveTheChildren #StopTheMadness

Out of Shadows

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Their goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

You can view the movie on Bitchute.

You can support their team and future projects making a donation at www.outofshadows.org

Millions of Children Go Missing each Year

Robert David Steele served in the USMCR Infantry and the CIA. He also served three back-to-back tours with five times the regional average in recruitments; three HQS tours in counterintelligence, advanced information technology, and satellite futures. From 1988-1993 he worked at the USMC Civil Service , #2 civilian in USMC Intelligence and was responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. Today he serves as the CEO and Study Director for the Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World.

In this short video Robert explains the human trafficking problem in the world today. This clip also includes a speech from President Trump outlining his stance on Human Trafficking and foreign relations.

Isaac Kappy: Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia

This is a compilation of videos surrounding this topic, as well as the late actor Isaac Kappy exposing the pedophilia in Hollywood. #pizzagate

Many sick things have been going on with many celebs we’ve admired in Hollywood, politics, and with the elites under our noses for years and years and years, but now everything is finally coming to the light.

And in this video, Kappy exposes Epstein and MANY other A-Listers – Do you See a Pattern?

Search Engines and Pedophilia – Are you Awake Yet?

Viewer discretion is advised.

This is an in depth look at how the Elite have used search engines to remain hidden in the shadows of the dark web. They often send cryptic messages to each other via social media. In this example Tom Hanks uses Twitter and his followers use the Yandex search engine to find and purchase children.

It is not recommended that you try any of the searches you see in these videos as it is likely that this is now under heavy surveillance by the military as they build a case against offenders.