Joe Biden

Wow. Just WOW. Biden is now the President of the United States of America and this interview shows how he got there.

A video that appeared 3 years ago on Youtube with over 3 million plus views to it’s credit. Yet oddly enough if you try to find the said video it’s really hard to find, even though it’s hard 3 million plus views. Type in the video title ‘CREEPY UNCLE JOE’ and try to find it. Good luck with that. Odd considering Youtube deny blocking video searches.

It’s a creepy video to say the least, and I would not have been able to bite my tongue if I’d had been one of these parents around this man while he sniffed my child’s hair, stroked their hair and putting his hands on them.

IF this had been Trump there would have been mass outrage! His grabbing the pussy statement is still mentioned now, but NOTHING is ever mentioned about the footage in this video or the stories from various sources on Joe’s behavior. See it for yourself and then ask is this behavior normal and acceptable?

Hunter Biden Comes Under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION as the deliberate media coverup completely collapses! In this video we’re going to look at the announced federal investigation, we’re going to take a look at how the media’s attempt to hide the scandal has completely unraveled, and how things are beginning to implode for the Biden family racket; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Mike Pence – Friend or Foe?

The communications referenced within this email chain not only leads us to believe that on Oct 9, 2016, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence colluded to form a coup against Presidential candidate Trump. They were preparing to assassinate him if needed. Mike Pence received an envelope during the George Bush Sr funeral.

It has been said that the letter read:

Award winning Investigative Journalist Timothy Holmseth announces & reads for the first time in public his letter written and sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the White House, alerting Sessions of Tim’s well-documented, well-recorded evidence, spanning since 2009, on the far-reaching national to International Pedophilia Ring, now known as PEDOGATE.

How does the CIA, FBI, State Law Enforcement, other state agencies, & the Shadow Government fit into this horrendous child trafficking ring? Tim’s evidence involves the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, & Haleigh Cummings, just to mention a few child victims. We cover this far-reaching Pedophile ring that has just started to come to light on a new level, since the 2016 Presidential election. Timothy will share his evidence and discuss the threats on his life because of what he knows and shares with us on A Right to Know®. Stay tuned, and please pass the show link on. Let’s reach critical mass in this awakening in order to save our children; time is of the essence!

The Entire Trump Presidency has been a Military Sting Operation

This is a fantastic summary of the operation that has been going on since the JFK assassination. The good guys are winning but it’s time for everyone to wake up and do their own research.

We can teach you what we know but we CAN NOT understand it for you. It’s time to wake up and do your own research. In this video Scott McKay explains A to Z on how things got so messed up and where we are going.

Check him out Patriot Street Fighter on Rumble.

The Dark Backstory of President Clinton

This is a documentary of President Clinton which reveals his dark backstory of importing and dealing drugs, sex scandals, money laundering and the suspected murder of two young boys who had located an air field where Clinton’s drugs were being shipped.

Numerous people or organizations connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton are accused of human trafficking. Since Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email invitation to a Satanic “Spirit Cooking” dinner was exposed during the 2016 election, independent journalists have delved into the bizarre culture of Clinton-World ever since.

Former CIA Operative, Robert Steele

Robert David Steele is a former CIA spy, former US Marine who also created the Marine Intelligence Activity and was recommend for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

Robert David Steele seeks to UPWISE the public into seeing how they can take the power back during this Great Awakening. Ultimately he hopes to make it possible for 100% of the eligible voters to seek election and have a vote that counts, instead of what we have today: 30% controlled by a two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State.

HIS MISSION: To restore integrity and truth to governance, with the informed will and wisdom of We the People at its heart.

HIS VISION: To enjoy a transparent government by 2022, that operates with honesty, respecting our planet and the human spirit, so that we may create a healthy, prosperous America rooted in truth with peace as our shared condition.

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JFK Speech exposing Deep State 10 Days Before he Died

John F Kennedy in 1963 – 10 days before assassination. A speech related to Secret societies.

Le 12 novembre 1963 : Il prononce un discours à l’Université de Colombia, qui mentionne un « complot pour anéantir la liberté des Américains » et qui serait pour certains à l’origine de son assassinat le 22 novembre.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, né le 29 mai 1917 à Brookline et mort le 22 novembre 1963 à Dallas, est le 35e président des États-Unis. Entré en fonction le 20 janvier 1961, à l’âge de 43 ans, il est assassiné le 22 novembre 1963, à l’âge de 46 ans. Plus jeune président élu[1], il est aussi le plus jeune à mourir en cours de mandat, assassiné moins de trois ans après son entrée à la Maison Blanche. Il reste en 2010 le seul président américain de religion catholique.

En raison de son énergie, de son charisme, de son style et de ses qualités présumées de chef pendant la Guerre froide, mais aussi en raison de son assassinat, JFK reste l’un des personnages les plus populaires du XXe siècle, tandis que son assassinat reste pour beaucoup un mystère des plus controversés.