Germ Theory and 5G

It doesn’t take much independent research to see that we’ve been lied to about this situation with #coronavirus. And The Highwire has been doing a phenomenal job exposing so much through its investigative journalism over the past few months. However, I believe that we still may be only scratching the surface of the underlying, foundational lie – that of germ theory itself. And if we don’t learn the truth about germ theory, and exosomes, and toxicity, we may be blindsided in the future. Let’s uncover the deepest truths that we can about this #plandemic. Let’s get to the root of the problem.

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Covid-19 Tests are 80% False Positive

This video clearly demonstrates that the standard “Covid-19 RT-PCR” test only tests for RNA sequence, not the virus.

Instead it appears that these test are revealing exosomes which are well studied as natural human byproducts which help clear toxins from the body.

  • COVID-19 has never been purified and visualized
  • This RNA sequence has only been visualized from inside a human cell and because it cannot be isolated, it has never been proven to transfer human to human
  • This RT-PCR test kit has never been tested against the gold standard

Thus, accuracy of test is UNKNOWN and it is stated on the CDC website that it is estimated to show 80% false positive results. On the test kit itself, it is noted that:

“RT-PCR tests cannot distinguish between a live virus and non-effective RNA.”

Notable human diseases that may be present during the body’s release of non-effective RNA (aka exosomes) include Ebola, SARS, Covid-19, common cold, influenza, hepatitis C, West Nile, polio, and measles. This means that someone who tests POSITIVE for Covid-19 may just have a common cold.

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Pleomorphism: Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

In this video Amandha Vollmer explains the true science behind what doctors today refer to as “disease.” If you skip to minute 16, you will see that scientists have recorded this transformation within our own blood cells. This video PROVES that ALL forms of disease are actually caused by toxicosis and by simply changing our diet, our cells will morph back to a healthy state.

Somatids are your pleomorphic cells that change shape and become bacteria, yeast and fungus based on your food choices, your stress levels and the vaccines that you have received.

These somatids are the seeds of life that live in your blood and mutate when your PH levels vary. Fruits and vegetables and stress management all repair & protect the digestive system.

This website also provides an explanation of the history of pleomorphism research:

Here is another video that showcases cells morphing as seen in the diagram above:

This is a fantastic website with many of Amandha’s videos and more resources on the Covid hoax:

Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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AIDS was a Hoax

Not one single reference paper (scientific proof) exists proving that HIV is the cause or even a co-factor of AIDS.

Probably most, if not all, of the causes of AIDS are already known (for over 70 years) and HIV does not qualify as one of them.

HIV was decreed as the cause of AIDS by a politician and a virologist who has been found guilty of “scientific misconduct”.

Condoms cannot stop a disease that is caused by starvation and drugs.

As long as the deaths due to starvation are blamed on the “AIDS virus”, the responsibility of ineffectual and corrupt governments for the real cause will remain unchallenged, hun­dreds of billions of dollars will be wasted, and ineffectual and deadly treatments will be employed.

The studies on which the release of AZT was based are fraud­ulent.

a book by Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.…

Kary Mulis: Fauci is a Fraud and the way to get rid of AIDS is to stop funding it!

Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Medical Corruption

Kary died August 7, 2019 of pneumonia at the age of 74. You’ll see why he had to go before the big scamdemic op.

Now that we all know that AIDs was a complete hoax and that it was responsible for the death of thousands of Americans, let’s take a peek at how much of our tax payer dollars are STILL going toward AIDS research each year.

PEPFAR is the brainchild of Anthony Fauci. Deborah Birx currently heads it.
PEPFAR is rife with Fraud and Abuse. NIH also = Anthony Fauci.

Germ Theory is a Wartime Tactic Based on Lies

Our children are still vaccinated on the basis of scientific standards of the 18th and 19th century.

In the 19th century Robert Koch demanded in his generally accepted postulates evidence of the virus in order to prove infection; at Koch´s time this evidence couldn´t be achieved directly by visualization and characterization of the viruses, because adequate technology wasn´t available at that time. Methods of modern medicine have profoundly changed over the past 60 years, in particular by the invention of the electron microscope, yet all these viruses we get immunised against have still never been re-examined using this technology? We showed to Dr. Lanka a number of images and explanations we were pointed to and that were said to show – respectively describe (characterise) viruses. Here are his summarising comments: “All these photos have in common that they, respectively the authors, can´t claim that they represent a virus, as long as they do not also provide the original publications which describe how and what from the virus has been isolated. Such original publications are cited nowhere. Indeed, in the entire scientific medical literature there´s not even one publication, where the fulfillment of Koch´s first postulate is even claimed for such viruses. This means that there is no proof that the viruses held responsible for these diseases have been isolated from humans afflicted by them. Nevertheless, this is precisely what they publicly claim.

Children are Getting Indoctrinated with Fake Science

The future is in our children’s minds. They’re being indoctrinated. It’s time to change the education system, or get them out.

Researcher, author, and teacher Alex Newman exposes how the globalists, utopians, socialist, totalitarians and the UN are using public schools to undermine freedom and Christianity.

Don’t lose hope! Alex shares solutions for saving our children and the next generation. Watch the full video to find out what those solutions are.