Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was Speaking Out

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park was the paternal son of Jon Pedesta.  In many of his songs he was reaching out to the general public and trying to tell us about the pedophilia and child trafficking that was taking place. 

You can see this in the symbolism of his videos and the lyrics of his songs.  He was “suicided” on June 23, 2018 and some suspect it was because he and Chris Cornell were about to expose high profile people who were committing pedophilia.

Here are a few of his music videos that portray powerful lyrics and symbolism.

In the End


I Want Heal

One More Light

The Catalyst

Entire Playlist

Some people have said that the Linkin Park logo was designed to expose and draw a line through (or break) the pedophilia underground.

Chester’s Message of Hope and Love

Afterlife Reading
In these videos, Sloan Bella does an afterlife reading for Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.  What we found particularly interesting is that Chester discloses his killer in part 2.

Chester Bennington’s Wife and Friend both agree: ‘He was Murdered’

Chester’s wife Talinda Ann Bentley posted from her official Twitter account that she has evidence that he was murdered and that his death was made to look like a suicide. “He was already dead before he hung himself, I have proof..”

The posts were deleted shortly after without explanation, yet the MSM was quick to declare that her account was “hacked” without a single word of confirmation.

Fellow musician Chris Keene has come forward saying he can no longer keep his “mouth shut” as he reveals that Mr. Bennington was “murdered” by an Elite “human trafficking and pedophilia ring”.

Mr. Keene admits he had been reluctant to come forward sooner due to the “backlash” he would face over the information he was exposing. In a post on his Facebook page, he reveals that the suicide ruling for both Chester Bennington and his best friend Chris Cornell was a cover up for their murder. He states that both men were killed because they had information about high-level Elites that were connected to child trafficking and pedophile networks.

Keene says that Chris Cornell had acquired evidence connecting the Clintons to human trafficking and that several journalists that had been privy to the same information had also died in suspicious circumstances. Chris Cornell was about to expose elite pedophile ring before he died.

He claims that Cornell had shared this information with Bennington and that they were killed by “the Illuminati” in a bid to silence them before they could go public.

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