CNN’s President, Jeff Zucker LIED about Evidence of a Russian Collusion – Part 1

Control the narrative – control the world.

During the first three years of Trump’s presidency, the fake Main Stream Mafia was hard at work making it look like the president of the United States had colluded with Russia to swing the 2016 election.

Without any evidence, this scandal was eventually dropped, the President was declared not-guilty to these false allegations. After further investigation and the declassification of actual conversations that were taking place in the White House, all parties had no evidence from the very beginning.

However CNN and the Democrats continued to spend millions of dollars in tax payer’s money to investigate President Trump and to lie to the American public about General Flynn’s conversations with Russia and non-existing evidence to implicate the President. This all turned out to be the biggest cover up in history because General Flynn had intelligence about the actions of former President Barack Obama. To learn more about this scandal, research #ObamaGate.

In this video, a CNN insider blows the whistle on CNN’s network president, Jeff Zucker and his personal vendetta against President Trump. For months he pushed as hard as he could to impeach our dually elected president and ignored all other important news stories as a result.

It makes you wonder: What were they trying to cover up?

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