Dark to Light

Dark to Light

Chemicals raining down from the sky.
Art designed to steal our souls
Poison for food. Satanism for culture.
Medicine that makes us sick.
Mental illness gone mainstream.

Dysfunction praised as virtue.
A learning system that imprisons the mind.
War sold as freedom.
Savage conquest disguised as humanitarian aid.
Self-serving civil servants.

Our own spies spying on us.
Law enforcement agencies infested with criminals.
Information that’s misinformed.
Fake news.

The lie of race as the truth.
The truth of gender as a lie.
A dark network of depraved monsters, our worldwide spiritual and moral authority.

Sexualized children.

The concept of sex associated with children
With babies.
Raped and tortured children.
Raped babies.

No, I’m not trying to put Dante’s inferno into words.
No this isn’t the setup of my next dystopian novel.
This is the actual present state of our world, you guys.
This is reality on planet earth.

Right Freaking Now…

“Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing: they hid it all.”

Welcome to hell.
Yes, it’s dark in here.
Yes, it sucks.
Hell sucks.

And though we are looking around at this world in shock and horror, the strange truth is that we’ve actually been here, in hell for a while.

For a millennia in fact the darkness has had a strangle grip over humanity.
Darkness disguised as light.
We’ve been living, unknowingly in a false world.
A world built of lies.

We’ve been living in the Control Matrix.

But what is happening now is that humanity is waking up from a long, deep sleep.

We are opening our eyes to a living nightmare.
That we’ve been living in a dark, dystopian wasteland of lies and deception.
Torture and suffering.

Where war is peace,
freedom is slavery,
ignorance is strength,
where race is real but gender is not,
where up is down and down is up.

So here we are, standing in the middle of it all, like, holy s***!
This is our world???
This can’t be real.
You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!

We are in Alice in Wonderland

If you think about it, everything in Alice’s fantasy was a veiled explanation for the nature of her reality. The moral of the story was that her reality was her real fantasy.

And right now, we’re experiencing the same phenomenon, there’s just one big difference between us and Alice.

She fell…

She stumbled into the wormhole, then tumbled accidentally into a truth she was neither seeking nor quite ready to understand. We on the other hand, are choosing to dive, head first.

Straight down the rabbit hole.

Think Mirror

Just like Alice, down this rabbit hole, we’re finding out, bit by bit, revelation by revelation, that everything is the polar opposite of what we thought it was.

Charity foundations aren’t spreading aid around the world, they’re trafficking children. The FBI isn’t concerned with solving crimes, they’re busy covering them up and killing all the witnesses.

We aren’t fighting terrorism, we’re creating it. The CIA isn’t keeping drugs out of our country, they’re bringing them in.

And as hard as it may be for some to accept, it turns out we’ve been living in a reflection world. Ours is a distorted funhouse mirror, where the more free we think we are, the more tightly we’re actually being controlled.

But in this dark, dystopian place, something incredible is happening. Through our fearless and willful pursuit of the truth, the mirror has begun to crack, and the crack has begun to spider.

And strangely, the more the mirror splinters, and shatters, and breaks apart, the more clearly we see.

And though the dark truth is painful, the more the truth makes the mirror, the more light gets through. It’s just like Rumi said.

“The would is the place where the Light enters you” ~ Rumi

The false world, (the control Matrix) is a world of lies, built on illusion. The truth is a light and the light destroys the illusions.

I have a vivid fantasy that plays over and over in my mind, where everyone that was called a conspiracy theorist, everyone who sought the truth in a world telling them not to, is one day given a Medal of Honor, or a Medal of Freedom, or a Purple heart, or all of the above, as they’re celebrated around the world.

Lies create illusions, and illusions cause all our suffering. The truth destroys them. The truthers know this. And this is the lesson we are all learning right now. Seek the truth. Expose it at all costs.