Did the Simpsons know what was coming?

Springfield is hit with an epidemic of the Osaka Flu, and Marge is the only member of the Simpson household who manages to avoid coming down with the bug. Unfortunately, this means she has to wait on Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Grampa hand and foot while they struggle with the ailment.

What is most striking about this episode is the way the media empire deliberately comes up with the next “phony baloney crisis.”  This is what we call predictive programming and is designed to evoke fear of a false flag event before it happens.  The idea of a virus as being plausible is then implanted into the human conscious collectively without them really knowing about it. 

There were several other movies that depicted a global pandemic that led up to the actual CoronaVirus outbreak including:

12 Monkeys (1995)
Contagion (2011)
Outbreak ( 1995)
World War Z (2013).