Exposing the Music Industry & the Donald Marshall Story

WARNING: PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Some of the images and concepts in this short clip may be considered disturbing to its viewers. As always it is recommended that you do your own research.

Do you ever wish you could #clone yourself so you can get more things done in a day? Well now you can thanks to the bizarre company called Clonaid.

Since we came across all of this junk, we wanted to get even more in-depth with it. But what shocked us most is how many celebrities are talking about cloning. On this episode on #EdgeofWonder we will expose the deep dark cloning agenda by the #Deep_State and also one of the most spellbinding testimonials we came across, nearly as gripping as Corey Goode’s experience, is from a man named Donald Marshall, who you’ve probably never heard of, but if his story is true, then this will forever change how we all view music today…

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