Michael Jackson – Is he Still Alive?

Still today, there are many questions circulating about Micheal Jackson and his death.  Is he still alive?  Is he working with Trump? Was his reputation smeared by the Illuminati or was he really guilty of the child abuse allegations?  This collection of documentaries provide even more insight about Micheal’s ongoing attempts to expose Sony’s corruption and control over the music industry.  As always, do your own research and come to your own conclusions!

We are the World

Michael Jackson performed during the halftime show in 1993. Unlike many previous years, he was the only performer in the entire halftime show. Jackson started the performance by being catapulted on stage and then simply standing frozen in one of his famous ‘Dangerous’ poses. Jackson’s set included songs “Jam” (with the beginning of “Why You Wanna Trip On Me”), “Billie Jean” and “Black or White”. The finale featured an audience card stunt, a video montage showing Jackson participating in various humanitarian efforts around the world, and a choir of 3,500 local Los Angeles area children singing “We Are The World”, later joining Jackson as he sang his single “Heal the World”.