Mike Pence – Friend or Foe?

The communications referenced within this email chain not only leads us to believe that on Oct 9, 2016, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence colluded to form a coup against Presidential candidate Trump. They were preparing to assassinate him if needed. Mike Pence received an envelope during the George Bush Sr funeral.

It has been said that the letter read:

Award winning Investigative Journalist Timothy Holmseth announces & reads for the first time in public his letter written and sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the White House, alerting Sessions of Tim’s well-documented, well-recorded evidence, spanning since 2009, on the far-reaching national to International Pedophilia Ring, now known as PEDOGATE.

How does the CIA, FBI, State Law Enforcement, other state agencies, & the Shadow Government fit into this horrendous child trafficking ring? Tim’s evidence involves the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, & Haleigh Cummings, just to mention a few child victims. We cover this far-reaching Pedophile ring that has just started to come to light on a new level, since the 2016 Presidential election. Timothy will share his evidence and discuss the threats on his life because of what he knows and shares with us on A Right to Know®. Stay tuned, and please pass the show link on. Let’s reach critical mass in this awakening in order to save our children; time is of the essence!