New York ICU Doctor Explains Actual Symptoms

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, a Doctor from ICU in New York, Speaks about what Is really happening with COVID19 patients. No matter what your thoughts are on Covid19 this NEEDS to be listened to…

The word ‘VIRUS’ originates from Latin. It means “POISON”. Diseases are caused by POISONS. There are two kinds of poisons:

1) BIO-CHEMICAL POISONS.These are the toxic substances they spray on fields, DDT, and such. When these poisonous chemicals enter the body, they cause a reaction at the cellular level, which results in all the diseases.

2) ELECTRO-MAGNETIC & RADIATION POISONS. These are the negative effects of electrical and microwave radiation on our bodies.

The human body is electromagnetic in nature. Your hair, your skin are one big giant antennae. Every small fluctuation in the electro-magnetic fields influences your body. If these radiations are harmful, it will result in the body reacting with diseases.

A virus is dead, it’s basically a solvent; a soap. Antibodies fight this poison and some immune-systems overreact also resulting in sickness. Could this be related to 5G radiation?

Note: At 60 Gigahertz radiation the oxygen molecules in our lungs start to shake and our body can no longer absorb it into the blood stream.