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It’s hard to tell which way is up and down when you first leave the Matrix.

You will need to learn how to read the patterns and discern for yourself what is real and what is a conspiracy. Conspiracies are only theories until they become REVELATIONS.

The truth will rise to the top.

We have included several news sources that we have come to trust below.

Find the one that resonates the best with you.

This is by far one of the BEST news stations out there delivering information as this war unfolds against the Deep State. We recommend this station for people are are interested in the geopolitical and financial impacts and who are looking for a very up-beat recap on current events.

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And We Know is a FANTASTIC news source that is created by a proud x-marine who believes in GOD and our glorious country. He is honorable, positive, honest uplifting and he brings us news from the Q in the midst of darkness.

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This is an excellent news channel and resource for people who want to understand miraculous events as they pertain to Revelations and other prophecies as they were stated in the original Bible. Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable about the Deep State, world events, Q posts and the Bible. She is wonderful at breaking down events as they line up with stars and planets in the sky.

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Robert David Steele seeks to UPWISE the public into seeing how they can take the power back during this Great Awakening. Ultimately he hopes to make it possible for 100% of the eligible voters to seek election and have a vote that counts, instead of what we have today: 30% controlled by a two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State.

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Dr. Pam Popper has been quite vocal about Covid19, and shares her views from a medical perspective. She posts weekly on this topic and has gained a very large audience. In each of her videos provides her medical advice and research along with the impact these draconian measures are having on our society.

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My name is Jeff, and I fight Government corruption, Smash Nazis, Expose the global elite, write songs and make videos about our enemies, investigate weird things, exposing evil, how to make money online and SCREW the Government, I even make videos of your favorite YouTube Celebrities, Stars & Icons....

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The independent media has overthrown the established MSM doctrine. JustInformed Talk is a positive and informed political review from a Christian Evangelist perspective.

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