Overpriced Furniture on Wayfair Carry Names of Missing Kids

On July 19, 2020 information about products being sold on Wayfair hit social media like a wind storm. People had found products like storage cabinets, wall art and pillows at exorbitant prices in Wayfair’s online catalog. Many of the products were labeled with names of children that had recently gone missing. We also found SKU numbers that when searched on known pedophilia search engines returned images of missing children.

There were rumors that shortly after senior executives started stepping down and products were quickly removed from the website.

This video explains Trump’s stance on human trafficking and some details about how the QAnon have used their knowledge of the internet to track down sites and search engines that are secretly selling children.

Here are more videos that were captured before Wayfair changed their products. This one also includes a suspicious product found on Amazon:

The more we all get better at learning how these people operate the faster we can block them. There are some incredibly intelligent Anons out there doing great investigative work.

Here is a screen shot taken before products were removed:

Here are some more facts:

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