You are witnessing the greatest time in human history!!!! Look up to the heavens!!

God has chosen you as his army of 144,000. 1+4+4 = 9.

In numerology 9 is The Holy Spirit = God.

Therefore the army of the 144,000 is the army of God.

Scott McKay and Miki Klann – Part 1

Scott McKay and Miki Klann – Part 2:

Here is a short 10 minute preview:

Grab your popcorn, lean back and enjoy this epic Trump Awakening masterpiece. He started this back In 2013 matching the constellations In the sky. Learn about Trump and the patriots and how it connects to the Qanon, the Bible and the constellations in the Heavens – including Corona which is an actual constellation. The 21st of December 2020 is the day when planet Jupiter “The Redeemer” catches up on Saturn which represents the dark satanic forces on Earth.

This only happens every 6000 years! No later than April 2021 this should all be wrapped up and from there on it’s a 1000 years of peace.

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