Tentacles of the Deep State EXPOSED PART 1

We have all heard of the #DeepState, #Cabal or #ShadowGovernment but who makes up this Deep State and how have they impacted our history over the last 100 + years?

During their research, the guys at Edge of Wonder came upon a book on the CIA website called The Story of the Committee of 300. What they read in the book was so shocking they realized they needed to do a series on it.

On this Episode of Edge of Wonder, they dive deep into the pyramid structure, the secret organization behind the Deep State, and uncover their ultimate goal for humanity which is beyond anyone’s imagination.

So in this 4 part miniseries, they expose the dark tentacles of the Deep State starting with the Committee of 300 followed by the 13 bloodlines of the [email protected]!.

Their entire 15+ Deep State series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…


The Story of the Committee of 300, by Dr. John Coleman on the CIA website: http://bit.ly/CIA_Com_300