The Hidden King – Part 1

Joseph Gregory Hallett has been officially crowned as the new, rightful King of England.

Note: We have confirmed and reviewed the documentation below and we believe this information to be true and accurate but as always do your own research. We do not proclaim to be experts but rather we just want to deliver the information that is available on the internet and through our social channels.

This interview, conducted by David G Mahoney and the team at Digital Warrior Productions gives a journalistic insight to the true ‘King’ and his proclaimed right to the throne of the United Kingdom.

Official Documentation
Statement of Claim in Support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Illegitimate Conception of King George

Common Law Court Filings



Director: David Mahoney
Shoot & Edit:…
Aerial Photography: Adi

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Producers Jack & Lee, Location Organizers James & Todd, The King’s Patriots, Sound Engineers, WebMasters, MemeMasters, Dr Charles Ward and Agent Intent in the making of these videos.