The Hidden King – Part 3

Joseph Gregory Hallett tells more stories about the bible, the original story of Revelations and his life experiences. He talks abut he end times and the new age. It is difficult to imagine such a huge responsibility for this role.

There have been 18 assassination attempts on Joseph Hallett.

“Fate is a serious of stumbles, you’ve just got to have the strength to get up and that is your destination. The bigger the destination the more the stumbles.”

We are moving into the age of Aquarius, an age of peace and prosperity for all to enjoy. Be open, be warm, be excited. There is much to learn.

Here more information about one of Joseph’s 15 books as mentioned in the video above:
How To Take Over the World, A Right Royal Con.

Official Documentation
Statement of Claim in Support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Illegitimate Conception of King George

Common Law Court Filings