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Note, please visit this site at your own risk. We do not know who is watching our activity on the web right now. We have provided screen captures below if you feel unconformable going to the site.

The Illuminati literally puts this information right out there for the world to see.

For those of you are are well aware of the Deep State’s agenda for Covid19, imagine for a moment what would have happened if their evil plan had worked. People are terrified, sick, getting vaccinated and micro chipped. Others who are awake and resisting are being thrown into FIMA concentration camps. They are threatening to take your children away from you if you don’t comply.

Where would you go to protect yourself?

Well they have an answer for that too. You would have to claim your allegiance to the Illuminati in order to stay ‘safe’ and protected. Watch the video on their home page to see for yourself.

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