The Media Lies Constantly about Covid19

It doesn’t take long to start seeing a pattern with the Fake News Media about the narrative for Covid19. First they exaggerated about the numbers, then they pushed fear of rising cases even though we were testing more people and death and mortality rates where going down.

Then they ridiculed states and small businesses for re-opening despite flattening the curve. Then they shamed anyone who didn’t want to wear a mask knowing full well that masks were never recommended by Dr. Fauci in the first place.

It’s non stop fear mongering without any data to prove that a pandemic even exists. For just one minute, ask yourself a question and answer honestly:

If the media never told you about this pandemic, would you even know it existed?

“There is a new far left fascism if you do not recite it’s mantras than you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted and punished.”
President Trump

Why doesn’t the media ever ask any important questions?

Open hour eyes why is YouTube censoring the freedom of speech? Why are they trying to re-write history?