Total World Domination – Trump is in Control

WWIII Game Over – Q

Check out the sequel of this video here – in particular minute 34 – 1:15:

This is a long video but it describes every country that has surrendered to the United States of America.

These were not just trade deals folks. He dropped all the evidence on them back in 2017 and said “surrender or die.”

Covid and Antifa were still carried out for the following reasons:

1.) To keep people safe as they dismantled DUMBS, and saved children all over the world

2.) To root out and gather intel on ALL the Deep State and Antifa players and gather more intel on suspected criminals as they scrambled to cover their tracks.

3.) To allow the people to see and awaken the masses

4.) To bait state politicians and see how they enforce draconian measures – lockdowns and riots

5.) To put the US in a state of emergency so he could pass important executive orders without red tape and basically declare war against child trafficking.

6.) To decentralize the food supply so we are no longer dependent on ONLY 4 meat packing companies owned by China. These companies actually euthanized all of their animals, threw out all the milk and eggs and disposed of many crops right when Covid hit. The plan was starvation. Just after they destroyed the food supply, Trump issued a stimulus package for farmers to the tune of $16 billion (perfect for spring time harvest).

7.) To build a digital army to combat all the censorship and fake news that was about to take place.

8.) To allow people to see just how easily the elite could divide us on topics like fear, race, politics, lockdowns, masks, immunizations, medications, you name it.. I hope we all learn a valuable lesson from this experience. We are all united and every patriot is welcome in this movement.

9.) To expose our weaponized medical mafia and the way they control doctors for speaking out about cures.

10.) To bring manufacturing back to the United States – especially when it comes to medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

11.) To expose the WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation, and MANY others for who they really are.

This world war will go down as one of the bloodiest wars in human history. It’s unlike any war we have ever experienced because the most innocent beings on this earth were sacrificed for decades under the rule of the Cabal.

But we the people are in charge now and justice WILL be served.

P.S. If you still don’t know what these countries were guilty of I highly recommend taking the red pill.

These people were evil. Pure Evil. We are being liberated.

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