King John III & the Royal Bloodline

This was one of the original videos that was posted by Red Pill Raven to reign in and introduce the new King of England. Raven is a hard core researcher and shares some of the back story about the corruption of the Royal Family, their bloodline and the basis for Joseph Gregory Hallett as a legitimate heir to the throne.

We have fact checked many of Raven’s claims and it has been said that dozens of historians have been investigating Joseph Gregory Hallett for quite some time. But as always, this is breaking news and we encourage you to do your own research!!!

To that which gave birth to the cosmos.
Immerse me in your fire of creation.
Render me wise with love and equity to share.
Free me from karma, those around me from debt.
And ensure I have enough to live on.
My hands and heart are ready.

Animate the earth beneath my feet and set my heart free.
Let your harmony vibrate my will.
Immerse me in sound and light so that I may experience your breath of life.”

~ Joseph Gregory Hallett

Here is a second update provided by Red Pill Raven on YouTube. In this video she shares even more information about the events as they are unfolding throughout the world!

No matter what happens is a very exciting time in history!